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Your One Stop Shop For The Perfect NC500 Camping Experience!

We provide a 4×4 vehicle complete with all your camping essentials, including a tent, sleeping and cooking equipment. Simply choose your dates and we do the rest! 

With our comprehensive NC500 camping package, you will have the freedom to explore the North Coast 500 at your own pace, with no deadlines, check-ins or accommodation bookings required.

Collect your 4×4 truck from us, drive as far as you like and when you want to stop, simply pitch your tent and relax. As part of this package we provide:

  • An awesome custom 4×4 truck with chunky all-season tyres that will transport you safely in all conditions.
  • Tent, sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners, plush sleeping mats and lantern
  • Gas stove, pots, pans, utensils, crockery, cutlery, water container and washing-up kit.
  • Camping table and chairs.

We are based near the picturesque Highland village of Aviemore, just 30 miles from the start of the NC500 in Inverness. We can be easily reached via bus, road and rail (the Caledonian Sleeper stops at Aviemore and is a popular option with our customers).

What is the North Coast 500?

The NC500 is Scotland’s answer to Route 66.  The route stretches 500 miles across the Highlands and showcases some of Scotland’s most beautiful coastal scenery.  The route follows the main roads around the north coast of Scotland taking in the white sandy beaches, magnificent mountains and quaint villages.  Whether you’re going the distance or traveling a small stretch of this magical route, you are bound to discover endless adventure around every turn.

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If you want help to plan your perfect trip around Scotland’s North Coast 500 or any trip around the Highlands & Islands, then get in touch. We are always happy to assist. You will find further info on our vehicles here and pricing here.